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Discussion in 'Trading' started by funky, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. funky


    is it just me, or should i take a 5 day weekend whenever the beige book is coming out?? gggeeeezzz this is painfully slow....
  2. not just Beige book, but just about every number imaginable is coming out wed-fri.
  3. DT-waw


    Yeah, 7 points intraday range on SPX so far, 24 points on eurostoxx futures - the lowest in many years, I guess! How are ya day traders doin'?
  4. Nordic


  6. Dustin


    Not half is actually going to be my biggest volume day all year.

  7. Yup, I'm kinda having that problem too :)

    In a perverse kind of way, I was actually missing this kind of day, where you just gotta love all the twistin and turnin...
  8. funky


    yeah volume isn't too far off for today, so i guess this is what is happening. couldn't tell it from the total volume though....
  9. DT-waw


    Volume and profit are 2 different things...
    Sure, if you could *just* catch all of these twistin tops and turnin bottoms :D
    Well, I miss this kind of days - Boss rulez :cool:
  10. Agreed... my comments were actually laced with sarcasm... I don't like days like today too much... way too commission intensive and way too much work...

    Nice music by the way, my Brother... PERFECT lyrics for bearish traders, fwiw... particularly the part about "Greenspan being a clown, cos its all goin' down" :D
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