Behind the wheel

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  1. heypa


    Very interesting. But confusing. If true. How does she survive?
  2. pspr


    I think Fitts and Schall were ON DRUGS when they did this interview. This is total nonsense.
  3. pspr


    She's also a 9/11 Truther and believes Aliens walk among us. (Not the Mexican type.)

    "When John explained this purpose to me, I explained that I did not know that aliens existed and lived among us. John asked me if I would like to meet some aliens. For the only time in my life, I declined an opportunity to learn about something important. I was concerned that my efforts with Arlington could boomerang and be connected with the smear campaign and the effects that I was managing. I regret that decision. At John's suggestion I started to read books on the topic and read about 25 books over the next year on the alien question, the black budget, and alien technology."

    "I had to drop from the project due to the need to attend to litigation and the physical harassment and surveillance of me and some of the people helping me. This process - which turned out to be incredibly time consuming --- I now believe was connected with the black budget/slush fund activities connected with FHA and Ginnie Mae at HUD. "
  4. If they kill her, then everyone knows what she says is true. If they leave her alone, she is just another conspiracy nut.