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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by avarus, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Avarice (from Latin avarus, "greedy"; "to crave")

    Greed and Fear. Fear and Greed. Will one arm ever overpower the other? There most definitely is an art to trading, and it lies somewhere between these two emotions.

    Trading is an ode to true capitalism. And, to many, an ode to self-destruction. The traditional welcome to this world is telling: You're handed a roll of toilet paper and told, "This place is not for weak stomachs."

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    Though times change, people remain the same. And it is people who make markets. Welcome to the world of big pool operators and the ultimate game of manipulation.
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    You can win if you want too. May the forces of your willpower never abandon you. I'll meet you at the finish line. Takes time, but you can do it.