Behind the Scenes, Is NASDAQ Deteriorating?

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  1. Chris at Tycoon is a pretty sharp guy, but the rest of those guys used to be brokers too who left the business (cuz they couldn't hack it) or got expelled from it. I value their opinion as much as a lot of the other online newsletter out there, their worth about a penny. Everything they write about as far as the brokerage scams, etc is what they did themselves. So, in the end it is all a matter of opinion and you know the old saying about that.

  2. I think Nasdaq is fine. Just look at the leaders like Apple and Google.
  3. BOBBY (dtrader2002usa):
    You said in your post "but the rest of those guys used to brokers who left the business (cuzz they couldn't hack it) or got expelled from it."
    You also said "Everything they write about as far as the brokerage scams, etc is what they did themselves."

    Looking at your comments, to be fair to these guys, I have to tell you something: I've been reading the Tycoon Report for over 2 years and they've been 1,000 percent honest with every recommendation they've made AND they've admitted any mistakes they've made. It's also the ONLY FREE NEWSLETTER I HAVE EVER GOTTEN WITH FREE RECOMMENDATIONS THAT ACTUALLY MADE MONEY! (I've made money on 7 trades they've recommended - absolutely free).

    They also NEVER recommend pink sheet stocks or ANYTHING shady. Why on earth would you say they did scams themselves when they worked on Wall Street? And what do you mean by they got "expelled" from Wall Street?

    These seem to be the only newsletter I've ever subscribed to where they actually try to do the right thing for small investors like me (AND IT'S FREE!) but i would like to know what you mean, for my own peace of mind.

  4. Haha! I had to see it when a Tycoon reader told me about it.

    Thanks for singling me out of a negative comment. While I appreciate it, I have to say that if you think I'm a "sharp guy" then you should know that much of what I learned over the years came from Teeka and Dylan.

    While I'm not a carbon copy of them, they did lay the foundation for me to evolve into who I am today. But again, I do appreciate it.

    About the statements that you made however, about being expelled or not hacking it or whatever... They're false.

    They were both incredibly successful in the brokerage business. Half of the brokers in NYC know that. When they saw the direction that the brokerage business was headed in, and everything that was going on in it, they moved to more positive arenas - Tycoon.

    Keep reading though. Things are about to get VERY interesting.


    Christopher Rowe
    President & Co-Founder

    PS: See attachment for important message.
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