Behind the headlines of market crashes this week,

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  1. No one noticed the irony that started all this: the rumor that China was going to impose capital gains tax, that was denied by officials the next day.

    Who said that China was a communist country? I think those who don't like the taxes here should all move to China.
  2. Brilliant idea swap some hispanics, blacks, and whites for the asians.

    Then we finally can bring our average math scores on SAT. Brilliant.
  3. Believe 1/4 of what you read and even less of what you hear.

    The only people in life who care more about your money than you, and have the ability to protect your assets if you 1/2 a brain, are - no one.
  4. Huh? I got the idea but, huh?
  5. I'm just referring to the thread title and newspaper/magazines headlines in general, as it relates to trading.