Behind every 'Moral Crusader', is a closet full of skeletons.

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  1. What do Rush Limbaugh, Jimmy Swaggart, William Bennett, J. Edgar Hoover, Jim Bakker, and Mark Foley all have in common? If you've been paying any attention, you already know the answer. Only sick, twisted & insecure assholes go on 'Moral Crusades', setting moral standards and manipulating/pressuring/forcing everyone else to obey them (or else).

    While their own dark skeletons may never be exposed, you can bet that John Ashcroft and Rick Santorum have also engaged in perverted acts so vile, even Larry Flynt would blush.

    How do these sleazebags, with their efforts to 'clean up' society, gain so much power to begin with? Time and time again they rise to positions of power and push their 'moral agenda' down the public's throat. When a scandal brings one of them down, a new 'righteous crusader' always rises up in his place. And yet the public always falls for it, again and again and again...
  2. Because people are stoopid.
    There is such an integrity vacuum at those high levels, people choose to beleive what there sold, it would cause serious cognitive dissonance with their beleifs and faith to think otherwise.
  3. You know, I've listened to you make a lot of rational statements on this board. I know the only reason that you are making this statement is because you are pissed about the online gambling situation. I agree with you that it is ridiculous. Until we get rid of the entitlement society though, I think it is a reasonable move. If we are okay with not supporting idiots who have no control when it comes to gambling, then lets do it (obviously not everyone who gambles falls into this category). You hear a bunch of people crying on this exact forum that it is harder now for people to file for bankruptcy. I think we can agree that online gambling doesn't help thwart this.

    The fact that you want to politicize this is disappointing. I defend the Republican party quite frequently, but I am truly a Libertarian at heart. If you want to squander everything you have, then you suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, we have another party in this country that thinks that you and I need to dole out our money for these people. I don't gamble online, so this definitely does not seem fair to me. Until that changes, I'm actually okay with this law.

    I truly believe that the reason for this law is that the government is unable to keep track of it, so they are unable to tax it. This is the underlying reason why I think their is support for it. I did not see either party fighting to stop it. Maybe there were a couple of legislators who opposed it, but as a whole, that was not the case. If you look at the last thread you started with the poll, that is why I posted the "USA, if we can't tax it, you can't have it" answer. Unfortunately, and I really mean unfortunately, that is why people have to suffer from laws like this. We either say to hell with these people who have no self control (which is my position), or we stay on the same course. I do not want to pay for these people though.
  4. You are by far the most ignorant person this forum has encountered. I think you are actually that moron Kingcobra who used to be on here. If you are such a high and mighty liberal, how can you use the term "faggot"? You definitely are not sympathetic to homosexuals, and then you want to make Republicans seem like they are intolerant.
  5. Here at ET, we have a resident moral crusader. And who could doubt that he has a bunch of skeletons in his closet?


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    While I understand and agree in large part to your post, I still think it is important for someone to stand up and declare:

    "It Is Not Right To Raise Your Young Children on 'Grand Theft Auto' "


    "Young children must not be exposed to 'Horny_Girls_With_Farm' "

    Hell, even a pedophile should be vehemently against pedophilia...
    Hypocrisy knows no party lines, and anyone who suggests it does looks foolish.
  7. Finally you're saying something that I can agree on.

    The problem is, you're too hung-up on this particular group of Republicans. Punish them for their hypocrisy and indifference, vote them out this time. In two years, the Republican party will be thankful that you did this. You'll likely see a cleaner, more responsible party.

    Keep them in power, they will get more and more corrupt. They have long betrayed the conservative principles on which people voted them in 12 years ago. What's left there that still make you hold on to this group of hypocritical and corrupt leaders?
  8. common thread. they are all bible thumpers. bible thumpers are taught to repress thoughts that might be dirty. i have read studies that speculate that the very act of constantly trying to suppress thoughts makes people more likely to act them out. all people have thoughts at times that could be considered not normal by some. if you dont try to suppress them they will pass but if you try to force yourself not to think about something you cant stop yourself from doing it.
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    not only dont they tax it..but the money leaves the wasnt a big deal many moons ago,,but with all the recent hype it has grown into a multi-billion $$$ industry ( i dont know the exact numbers but it cant be off that much )..that isthe only reason i can think off..the "faimly value" mumbo jumbo can't be the case...not when u see lil old ladies buying their SS check in lotto tickets which have less of a chance of making any money...they should control it and tax it if u ask me
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    You know why it is hard for a smart or sincere person to go on a moral crusade.

    Because no one is perfect, and in the end you have to ask yourself who am I to judge.

    What criteria. Should we take into account parents or life background or whatever.

    As a citizen or a Judge, I think you deal with the behavior, and in fact you even have a right to say no that is wrong, we as citizens have a right to say you are a miscreant. , you are a criminal or a loser or whatever, but as God, and whether you violated the natural law of the universe, that is a whole different story.
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