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  1. I am thinking about trying to get a PhD in Social Psychology. I am interested in Evolutionary Psychology too. I am going to try to put together a reading list.
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    It's an interesting subject and the only area I'd care to do formal study in.
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    are there any masters programs that specialize in behavioural finance? would be interested to find out. thanks.
  4. I also think this is a good idea.

    We are each individuals with little interaction with true "colleagues" in a work sense. Understanding why people choose to do what is important.

    Without understanding, we merely copy others without solid critical analysis. There are many courses that can be taken. I would suggest the 'classics' and (to be consistent) do it your own way. Go through libraries, pick up what looks interesting and absorb it.

    There are many course, but then you are again asking for somebody else to provide a thinking method for you. There are so many good books. Pick your own books, and then write your own.

    That's my suggestion.
  5. Get some of David Dreman's books.
  6. I actually was introduced to a fund quant model based on behavioral finance. Never bothered with the stuff on the floor, but I see the merit in how it is used.
  7. Start with Shleifer.
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    I would start with MANY math books such as neural network (not really a math book though), social networking theory, and the likes. Individual humans cannot be mapped using mathematics but humans in flock creates a pattern that can be described mathematically.

    That's why I love trading :)
  9. I'm sure it's been posted before, but a good overview of essays exists at: It's also got a good over-view of topics related to the market like over-under reactions and some Behavioral Scientists' takes on TA.

    A lot of specifics of BF are mentioned in, which is probally the stuff you're looking for. He mentions

    Shleifer, Andrei (2000) Inefficent Markets : An Introduction to Behavioral Finance and Thaler, Richard (ed), (1992), Advances in Behavioral Finance.
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