Beginning of the End? Obama plans to unlease racial preference lawsuits.

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  1. Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut
    By Paul Sperry
    Posted 11/08/2012 06:02 PM ET
    Investor's Business Daily

    If your organization has a policy or practice that doesn't benefit minorities equally, watch out: The Obama administration could sue you for racial discrimination under a dubious legal theory that many argue is unconstitutional.
    President Obama intends to close "persistent gaps" between whites and minorities in everything from credit scores and homeownership to test scores and graduation rates.His remedy — short of new affirmative-action legislation — is to sue financial companies, schools and employers based on "disparate impact" complaints — a stealthy way to achieve racial preferences, opposed 2 to 1 by Americans.

    Under this broad interpretation of civil-rights law, virtually any organization can be held liable for race bias if it maintains a policy that negatively impacts one racial group more than another — even if it has no racist motive and applies the policy evenly across all groups.This means that even race-neutral rules for mortgage underwriting and consumer credit scoring potentially can be deemed racist if prosecutors can produce statistics showing they tend to result in adverse outcomes for blacks or Latinos.

    Already, Attorney General Eric Holder has used the club of disparate-impact lawsuits to beat almost $500 million in loan set-asides and other claims out of the nation's largest banks.

    For the first time, the nation's consumer credit reporting agencies, including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, will come under federal review. CFPB examiners will subject these companies and others to an "effects test" to make sure credit transactions are racially balanced.Those who reject minority applicants for credit cards or charge them higher loan rates had better be prepared to prove to Cordray's diversity cops they aren't racist. Many have already decided it's safer to give black and Latino applicants preferential treatment, which of course is racism of another kind.
    Other targets of the administration's "racial justice" juggernaut include: standardized academic testing, professional licensing examinations, employee background checks, voter ID requirements, student disciplinary codes, prison sentencing guidelines — you name it.

    The goal is to equalize outcomes based on race without regard for performance or merit.

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    What happened to meritocracy?
  2. No longer an issue. It's all about Odumbo's "fundamental transformation of America".

    It's all about "equality"... everybody being "equal"... equally poor and miserable is his ultimate goal.

    Don't the hoi polloi recongize Marxism when they see it? Had Odumbo called it "Marxism/Communism" would they have voted for it?

    Odumboism might be the greatest con job in history.

  3. Ricter


    And yet, he still beat you.
  4. Lucrum


    Yes, he has the welfare/entitlement/AA/free loaders on his side.
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Hitler won himself to power, too. Convinced a whole populace of Germans he was the best choice.

    What's that say for your argument, and for the intelligence level of the mob?
  6. Mav88


    minorites cannot compete on a level playing field, that's why meritocracy is dead

    this crap is hard to believe, suing public schools?

    there will be large backlash
  7. Mav88


    can't wait for this to fuck over liberal whites

    the part about standardized testing is really funny, so Holder is going to try and bring bring back race norming
  8. Imagine their unemployment rates without all the preferential hiring of govt jobs. I can't remember the last time I saw a white public transit driver.
  9. "When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?"

    My Grandpa, were he still alive, would be all over this... (he raised a family of 8 kids working for the rail road.. and passed his ethos on to all of us.)


  10. Voters were seduced by the smile and glib lies.

    Now comes the jackboot.

    I've said this several times before. Virtually all of Obama's policies are designed to screw republican constituencies and reward Obama's own constituencies. The republicans have to wake up and find some backbone and start defending their own voters, or they could find themselves out of business.
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