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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Saigon, Jul 7, 2007.

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    So the same old story...

    I just got my degree from University, I wanna trade, but I don't know where to start. I live in Toronto, and had a prospective interview with Swift Trade, but after doing my homework, I realized that maybe leaving the mutual fund dealer where I work to go to Swift might not be the best option.

    Anyone have any good suggestions.. or programs that could give me some practise to learn at nights after my 9-5. I'm takin the CSC, and I plan to take the CPH after, but maybe I'm not going in the right direction..

    from what I read on this board, being a successful trader is almost like making it in Hollywood, so I know that if trading fails, I can always fall back on financial admin.

    But.... If I never try I will never know right...

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. What kind of trading do you want to do? There are a number of ways to playback data at night to simulate trading and try out different stratagies.
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    well I won't have a huge amount of capital when I start out..

    maybe something like $5000 what kind of trading do you suggest??

    I'm green like a raw banana...
  4. Well that certainly limits your choices. If you trade stocks you will be limited to three trades a week because of the pdt rule. About the only thing left is index futures which is doable but risky as you can be pretty sure you are going to lose money for awhile. You can get Ensign charting software for about $40 a month and they have current tick data on file which you can playback at night and test your stratagies. There are many stratagies posted all over the net and quite a few of them can work but as you will find out it is hard to maintain the discipline neccessary to make any of them work consistently. Good luck.
  5. trade forex with low leverage since you can trade that at night. if you can trade one market you can trade anything.
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