Beginners Like These Systems

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by profitseer, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. I think the reason beginners like myself like straight money management systems is because that's all we can conceive of programming into a computer. So setups get ignored.

    I'm doing well just to figure out how to set up an aol account, so how do I tell a computer, "If you see it bumping up against resistance and it looks like it's getting stronger, go long on the break but be ready to reverse and go short for a quick profit if it fails."

    I guess it could be programmed, but it is just something you pick up by watching the market, and how often do I trade that pattern? And if I ever could get it programmed, I would still be watching each time to see if it does it right.

    If you really want to get into this, I can see that your program must become like your own child which you constantly watch over and try to teach. And maybe derive a sense of pride when it does it right, just like you taught it.
  2. I work for myself with no one to fall back on. Especially after a good week, I have this nagging thought. "You're only as good as your last trade."

    That's where I think the lure of mechanical trading comes in. Maybe it is just an attempt to fulfill some craving for immortality.

    But now think of this. Even if you could train a trader to trade just one pattern, you couldn't hire him unless you were big, and if he was any good, he would soon go out on his own.

    But what if you could train a computer to trade just one pattern? Sure it might take years to do it. But now you are not alone. You have a little computer companion diligently working away looking for his one pattern in life. Maybe he makes you $750 a year, barely enough to pay for his upkeep.

    But then you get 2 and 3 and on and on. All just making you a little bit on successful patterns or strategies.

    After a while, you have your own little trading group going. And you get all the profits!