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    I already have a desktop but I need a laptop because I'm rarely at home. I'm looking for laptops around $500~$700 Canadian. I have no experience in trading and this will be my first trading tool so I have no clear idea on what I qualities to look into when choosing a laptop.
  2. I would go with a business grade notebook that is durable, portable and has a long battery life such as thinkpad X230. If you go that route be sure to get one with IPS screen that has a wide view angles.
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    In addition you may consider getting a higher resolution screen like a 1920 x 1080

    The generic 1366 x 768 tend to be a little light in Pixels, chart, dom, + anything else and it feels like you are staring at Thumbnails.

    Forego fancy case, ultra-light, bells and whistels and invest in Reliability & Screenspace

    May cost a bit more initially, but you may as well invest in something that you will feel comfortable using and will get some use from.
  4. check out dell's outlet or dell refurbished.

    or try craigslist if you really want to save money. before even going to look at the comp confirm the owner has all of the original cds/docs so you can immediately run dban on it and start from scratch. you could prob pick up a good one for $100 USD
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    What do you guys think of ultrabooks? Should I consider that as well? As for the budget I guess I can only afford up to ~$1000 at most……
  6. IMO the features of an ultrabook aren't worth the extra cost. why pay $1k when you could get the same specs that count like ram/processor/etc for 80% less (if you buy used/refurb)
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    Do you guys know any good sites that give a review of laptops as well as the latest gadgets? I think I need to do some research before deciding on my laptop.
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    I have found, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung reliable.

    At this stage, you don't need a trading tool but an educational tool [you stated you know nothing about trading] so you don't need svelte, sleek, cutting edge technology to study.
    [edit: I still stand by my previous recommendation of higher resolution displays if you will be spending a lot of time on a laptop]

    Save your resources until you do know what you are doing, and past the Sim stage. Then once you begin trading cash, obtain the tools that you need for trading. Which will be dictated by your style and platforms used.
    [besides by the time you are ready, new technology may be out, or the current technology will be much more affordable]

    Buying the best doesn't make a noob a better trader, whereas, once past the learning stage and actually trading, not investing in the proper tools in your business is just as fool hardy..

    Google Laptop reviews and compare the review sites to get a consensus
    Good starting points:

    Then once decided check for refurbs at

    For more experienced traders and those who are not on a tight budget
    Soon released Win8 tablets such as the Microsoft Surface Pro capable of running intel X86 programs. This may be a very nice mobile option.
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    Many thanks to NoBias and everyone else, I think I realize I shouldn't spend too much on high-end trading tools just yet when I'm still in the learning stage. I'll take my time and read the reviews while I learn about the stock market. Thanks again.
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    Just read another one of your posts stating you are a College Freshmen.

    In which case, buy an appropriate Laptop to fit your School needs. This should be your higher priority in determining which laptop to purchase.

    Whatever you decide upon will more than sufficient for any Trading related needs.
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