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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by elit, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Do anybody think it would be good to have a "beginners forum" part of elitetrader, where newbies, like me, could post all the silly questions that otherwise sometimes might clog up the other forums?
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    I got curious. Could you guys post here a few questions that you REALLY want to be answered by newbies?

    I am stretching my imagination, but can't seem to find any like that. Since every expert was a newbie once, to me there is no point in a newbie-newbie conversation...
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    I'm not sure it's the case to go into this discussion for the third time, but I would assume that in a newbie area some more experienced people might be willing to help. Understandably not everyone is willing to answer simple questions.
    Besides, it's possible that a newbie is capable of answering another newbie's question. I don't really have questions I want answered by newbies, I just have questions I want answered, possibly correctly :)
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    Yes, andread is right. It would be a place where more seasoned traders would take their time to answer newbie's questions, not the other way around.

    Often if a newbie asks a question in an ongoing thread it gets lost or forgotten. Or starts a thread and just gets some diffuse answer which in best of cases don't just contain rants about how stupid the poster is. People don't just take their time to answer to them simple questions.

    I don't know if a "newbie" forum would help. Maybe newbies could help newbies also in some way or another. There ARE questions that have been answered before, and that would let a newbie "shine" some too for time to time, if he has the answer to questions.. :)

    Well, if it has been discussed before there is no use in taking it up again. Just a suggestion.
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    OK, I see. Well, maybe Baron should consider a Newbie Trader's Lounge for the dumb, lazy or criminally insane. That is actually a good idea.

    If he doesn't do it, check this place out:

    Newbie Trader's Lounge at:
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    The t2w forum has a newbie section, i think it's a quite nice idea.

    I don't think there would be hard to find a sponsor for a newbie section here on ET. It would be a goldmine for advertising "the holy grail", wouldn't it? :D
  9. I believe pro's won't visit this branch and therefore won't help beginners.
    Also, each beginner has his own specific questions that should be asked in specific thread.
    And of course, holy grail vendors will participate actively that can be harmful.
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    here you might be right.

    exactly. And all this threads should be in a newbie forum :)

    Hey, newbie doesn't mean stupid :)
    I have no problems in hitting the complain button.
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