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    [ I am posting for the third time as my first two posts were removed by the moderator due to the fact that I mentioned certain web sites--if you responded to my previous posts, please do so again as I was not able to see the responses. ]

    A friend of mine has taken a few seminars on how to trade. He has not yet had much chance to practice what he has learned, but he feels somewhat confident that when he does, he should succeed.

    I have no experience in the stock market whatsoever, yet it intrigues me.

    Can I ask if anyone has recommendations or suggestions for educational resources for a beginner? Written material is ideal for me as I am not easily able to attend a seminar.

    Is it furthermore feasible that an intelligent person can turn a profit trading stocks and options with no more than a modicum of training?

    Thank you,
    Hershel Robinson
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    I'm sure it has been done, but the likelihood is about the same as winning the lottery. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it -- and they're not.
  3. 1 point, the purpose of a seminar is to make you feel good to trade(so you won't compliant to the company that you want your money back). if it doesnt come out very well, then you know its your own fault, because you are the person that pushed the buy button.

    2. stock market intrigues everyone else, that why you see over 90% day trader failure rate. they started because they were intrigued by the market, and left in disblieve.


    is what you need to read. i wish i've read this wayyy back in the days when i started.

    maybe a few other threads on psychology, when your fingers feel itchy to click on something. try mark douglas

    4. there is no correlation between the intelligence of a person with the amount of gain he/she can achieve in trading.

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    [1]Sound like you are partly on the right way for stocks;
    and not post websites again the moderator deleted.

    [2]Public library /private library study;
    Jack Schwager 3 top trader books
    Dr. Van Tharp books
    Alan Farley book
    Big Trends by Price Headly

    [3]Like to customize chart book for stocks & options;
    most learn stocks BEFORE options, some learned options even though they are more complex & leveraged with 1 contract.

    Some with passion may learn in as little as 1 or 2 years more or less;
    Mom studies nutrition with lifelong learning.

    Dr. Kauffman mentioned on Sky Angel;
    medical school is 8 years plus internship

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    (But I bet you have to figure this out for yourself.)
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    a moron has more chance to success - Mark Fischer (author of Logical Trader) , click play button