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  1. What is the best book/course/seminar for an absolute beginner in options? I am actually interested in the more advanced uses of options like hedging and leveraging etc. but gotta start somewhere.
  2. im trying to slowly learn options also...i read a Fantastic book that helped me get my head around options in i can enter the ballgame with SOME knowledge..rather then none..

    book was Options buying field manual by Steve Sarnoff explained options..and plays that i understood..
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  4. I think Mcmillan on Options is a great book.
  5. Read McMillan but don't start trading until you have actually understood Natenberg.
  6. Sheldon Natenburg's book helped me alot in understanding the basics. Ive also heard Allen Jan Baird's book Option Market Making is really solid as well. Personally Ive been reading Option Theory, by Peter James (which Id recommend to anyone looking for a more advanced book [assuming you have a background in mathematics that is; its very heady and slightly academic]). Cottle's book, Coulda Woulda Shoulda is also a really good read.
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    The Bible. You'll need it.
  9. The Bible doesn't give you options, it gives your restrictions.
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