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  1. I am brand new at this. Any advice on how to get started in day trading would be appreciated. Any books, magazines or papers recommended? Which brokerage firm is the best to work with? Which software is the best? ANY advice would be appreciated.
  2. Try Start loosing money. Then you don´t have to go through the "i know it all already and therefore can afford big risks" - state. :p

    I think "Dynamic trading" with Robert Miner should be a good book. Have just studied his homepage so far which is VERY educational.

    Amibroker is a very good soft. You can develop systems very easy with their new tool. and

    But a system is never as good as an experienced trading mind.
  3. You can do a search here on EliteTrader (e.g., "beginner trader", "new trader", etc.) and there should be tons of advice already available from previous posts and will give you lots of material to sort through.

  4. Of course the best advice you will probably ever get about daytrading is :

    Don’t! [​IMG]