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    Where can I learn how to trade with a few thou for the short term (<3mo) with greater than 20% return. I've never invested anything. I know that long term investing seems much easier from what i've read ie. value investing with stock screens, but what is another good strategy? I am looking for a strategy, teacher, website, anything to start learning, but with a goal of putting money in the market. I'm not interested in funds or managers. Thanks to anyone with advice.
  2. most of the advice you get may not get you where you want to go. RELIABLY > 20% on a few thousand requires a lot of learning. Money Management, Discipline, etc.

    If you don't have a good edge, you are much likelier to see a greater than negative 20% a year.

    A few thou is barely even egg money for trading.
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    I would suggest to anyone new to trading to get a thinkorswim account and use the papermoney version for a while until you feel confident enough to trade with real money.
  4. Where can I learn how to be a brain surgeon? I want to operate within 3 month or less and try it on my relatives. I have never tried any of the medical professions before, but it seems that a neurosurgery is the thing for me. I have already bought a few scalpels and I am ready to go. I am not interested in the schools, universities or anything like that. I just want to open the scull and do what ever the brain surgeons do with more or less 90% success rate. If a few of my relatives die its fine. I know that Long-Term education programs work better and it is easier on your patients, but is there another short cut for me to start cutting people open? Can anybody point me to a good web site, book or an online course? I cannot wait!
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    You might want to start your sentence like...

    Where can I learn how to trade with a few thou for the short term (<15mo) without losing 100% of my capital. People will take you a little bit more serious.

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  7. No good deed ever goes unpunished.:eek: