Beginner trades with EURUSD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by stfarm, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Hi guys, I am sure this is nothing for you, but I am pretty excited. With all the information I was reading here, in made 2 small trades in my Oanda demo account while at work (I hope they do not notice), and made 10 pips! :cool:

    Anyway, thank you all for all your great advice....
  2. You have got the your in reeeaaaall trouble :)


    would you care to discuss the premise for your entries and exits..?

    Michael B.
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    I tried to attach a file previously....
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    Thanks Michael. Yes I have the bug now..
    To be fair, I also made a bad sell trade, and lost 2 pips, coz I kept moving my S/L up, so I would not lose out too much.

    I have been reading this pdf, where the guy explains how to add certain indicators (macd, parabolic sar, ma, stochastik), and based on that I entered trades.
    I keep playing between all the different time frames, and when they seem to have an up momentum, I just go for it...
    One of those I also entered as a limit buy, trying to 'forecast' where it will go....
    I am sure you guys I laughing hard, but even with the demo account, I could feel my heart in my throat!.

    Now if I would just understand those different indicators a little better.....
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    BTW, I just entered a new one, thinking there is an up movement according to macd and ma.

    EURUSD :
    Bought at 1.2721
    S/L at 1.2716
    Profit at 1.2726

    I know, this is very small, and if I think it will move up more, I might adjust.....
  6. Well your experimenting. This time is just as important as real money and don't forget it.

    Your brackets are a little tight for the volatilty this instrument provides. but this is the slow time and your trade may last more than 4 seconds!

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    Hey, my little trade worked out again....I can't believe it. Of course now I am thinking that I should have stayed on the trend, and I could have made 30 pips instead of 15....Anyway, I guess I just lucked out.

    Which currency pair do you suggest? What are your favorites, and why?
  8. Next stop 1.30.I am not on it.
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