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Discussion in 'Trading' started by tshin01, May 14, 2003.

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    Once again, the wannabe player has come back....

    This time with some harder questions...

    what is a put, call, stop limit or watever the hell u guys say? To stop ur losses u put a stop limit or some shit...

    I need some help on these terms....
    Can someone help me out?
    This jargon is killing me..................

    The S7 is DAMN hard any of u guys know any little secrets or classes around the Los Angeles area?

    Also, which job do u think would be better? A Broker or a proprietary trader? What can you do AFTER all the entry level bullshit?

    Thanks guys...
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  3. Rule 1 about anything in life and definitly being a trader is ti be resouceful. go to any US exchanges website and they will explain the terms. If you need it in even more laymans terms go to and type it em in.

    The test is only going to kick your ass if you let it. Which brings us to rule 2. "As you think so shall you be"

    Good luck.
  4. Also,

    If you want to chase after clients and listen to thier every wet dream or desire, and take the heat when you have to tell them the reality of a situation or worse if your screw up. If you like that be a broker. After a few years maybe you can move into financial planning ect.. and still work for someone else. (can you hear the whip cracking yet?)

    If you want to make your own rules and live and die by your own abilities, disipline and determination, be a prop trader. As for advancement, the skys the limit, but with privledge comes responsibility.

    So if you have any ambition at all be a trader, if your to afriad of fucking up and like less risk be a broker, although you can be a broker without any clients, but I bet you'll at least get one bozo to hand over money to you. Unless they just read your ET post asking about basic vocab.

    Either way good luck.