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  1. Can anyone here recommend me a good options book for beginners?
  2. Natenberg, "Option Volatility and Pricing"
  3. Thanks, Traveler.

    I`m also interested in learning options, so I`m also interested in advice on the subject.

    How important is mathematics in order to understand options? I consider spending some time learning mathematics before I start going deeper into the world of options.
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    You don't really need to learn any advanced mathematics beyond algebra/geometry and some basic statistics to just trade options. Option decay curves can be affected by multiple variables than just price. More math would probably help more with coding indicators or HFT algos than predicting markets unless you are trying to pioneer a model of options different or better than Black-Scholes. What you do need to learn for options are the "greeks" , their multi-faceted behavior on the price and time axis, and get familiar with different types of spreads.
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    Natenberg will give you fits of narcolepsy.
    I would recommend the Sinclair books or Baird.