Beginner need help with Delta Airlines!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by delsolbf, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. delsolbf


    I need to confirm what happens to Delta Airlines common stock shares once they issue new shares coming up in May. Do I actually lose all my shares with no compensation whatsoever? Thanks, Brandon Flynn
  2. subban


    You got it. They will be worthless and you are not entitled to any of the new shares they will issue once they come out of bankruptcy. I would get rid of them fast.
  3. Shareholders are the bottom of the barrel. the people Delta owes money to get first dibs (i.e. bondholders, other lenders) and shareholders are at the bottom. So when a company declares bankruptcy, the current shareholders are pretty much being told, thank you and goodnight!

    It makes no sense whatsoever why the current shares are even trading at any value since they are worthless but you can never pass judgement on what people would pay for :D

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    but if you get ''no compensation '' Brandon ,desolbf, you learned a good lesson,perhaps on bottom fishing.Stocks can /do lose much more than Real estate so it pays to have a selling plan in stocks.

    Shorts & long puts got paid well.Never forget that DAL downtrend it was rather smooth, good downtrend, good lengthly downtrend.
    DAL, however, had great customer service, enjoyed flying with them.:cool:
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    So I might as well short them to $0 right?
  6. I tried, but they don't let you.