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  1. So in this chart there are 4 types of candles it looks like. Hollow reds, solid reds, hollow blacks and solid blacks. Whats the difference between the solid and hollow candles? What does it mean. I understand that the white is positive and close was higher than open. But what does the solid black candle indicate?

    Here's a good example of a chart.,uu[h,a]daclyyay[pb50!b200!f][vc60][iue12,26,9!lc20]
  2. paste that link into your browser to see the color chart. If you click it the half link, it is just black an white chart.
  3. The chart site you are using has very good information on candlesticks, as well as other types of charts. In all seriousness, are you just that lazy?
  4. I've looked at multiple sites and the only info I can find is on two candles, white hollow and black solid.

    But when there is red hollow red solid and white hollow and white solid I couldn't find anything that explains the difference.

    It would be awesome if you could point me in the right direction, because I must be looking in the wrong place.

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Attached is pointing to the candles I'm curious about.

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    The answer is in the previous day's closing price.
  7. You have some VERY GOOD questions there High. The candles you are referencing are what we call in Japanese Candles Stick study " Shoot the Moon" Candles are a sure sign (almost 99.647%) of a huge rise to the upside!!!! In other words "WOW"!

    This lone pattern is so succesful that I will usually leverage all of my margin to really rake in the big bucks when I see this candle.

    The black part (body of candle) is the market longs saying "Hey, we're tired of being red (short) and now we are turning black with greed". (You've heard the term "Black with Envy right"?)

    The long line out the top is usually called a "wick", but in this very special, highly profitable pattern it is referred to as a "Fuse". You know why it is referred to as a "Fuse"? Because the market is about to "Blast OFF" like a fucking rocket full of GOLD FUCKING BUILLON" That's WHY!!!!!

    Hope this helps son.
  8. I see so that solid white candle that the arrow is pointing to from today is a an open above yesterdays close and a close above yesterdays close but a close below todays open?

    What about those hollow red candles that my arrows are pointing to??
  9. Us traders use different charts, data feeds, settings, bar types. On top of that from day open to day close price travels in a continuous fashion. Once you realize this you will notice the only important specifics of bars or candles are the highs and lows relative to time, for these are the only ones everyone sees the same.

    The open and closing of bars throughout the day are a distraction.

    Some will disagree, but then again, not everyone is on the same level as far as techincal analysis goes.

    Do your own homework.

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    A hollow red should be a close higher than the open but lower than the previous close.
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