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    ok! due to the lack of a place to discuss the Fx trading experience for those who are starting in this bussines, i decided to open this thread. I sugest to have a focused discussion on terminology and the use of the demo accounts.

  2. HUH?? This section is mostly for pikers by pikers. Oh yeah, about the proper use of a demo account - gamble like a freak, build it way up then blow your first live account to me. Thanks.
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  5. 90% of people here say they profit on forex. Check with a broker 90% lose. So dont beleive all the hype here on the board ,
  6. I haven't read the whole thread but it seems to be 108 pages about some fool who gave a wad of cash to a total stranger and is surprised when the stranger loses 9k of it!

    What's the moral of the story, don't give 10k to forum moderators :p
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    haha...fellow...yes...differences between demo and live are evident, but it doesn't mean that traders are going to blow the account for sure in the first place.

    Stats could prove that...but...let the guy to be the exception!
  8. He probably is ... my bad.
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    it is the same thing at every forum...people saying that forex is great...some others say that forex is hell cause they never win a dime. But is really just depends on the way you decide to refine your technique...if you want to invest on long term orders or if you preffer not be on a risky scenario that soon by using an scalping method. Both of them are good, depends on what's your goal here!