Begging for a pullback in commodities

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. I don't think I'm the only one who is begging for the commodities to pull back in order to load the truck and get long for a continued up move.

    Even a raging commodities bull like me doesn't want to jump on a moving train, I'd like to wait for a bit of weakness to get in here, it has gone up almost everyday and looks scary to go long or short. Unfortunately, me and about a million other traders/funds are waiting for the same thing, which means the pullback is gonna be shallow in all likelihood barring a masscre in the stock market.
  2. Wheat is pulling back. Are you brave enough?

    [i'm sure as hell not]
  3. cold


    look boys and grils, I mean girls

    if left to own worth, stock market would tank like overpriced SHI7 that it is

    but the FED keeps it up for now

    when you are long, what you are betting on is will the FED do what it takes to keep it going up

    the answer to question is YES

    but for how long can they do it, well its been years so go figure
  4. I was actually waiting for the whole space to pull back, not go long the weakest one among a strong bunch. I never like to buy the weakest of a strong group.
  5. poyayan


    Ha. Let's take gold as an example. I have been waiting for gold to pull back since Oct. Look at what dismal pullback it has done.

    In the meantime, the dollar is going down the toilet.

    Weak economy suppose to cause weak commodity price, but with Ben hammering rate every now and then. That offset whatever weak economy effect on commodity.

    I have no crystal ball, but I see the option of either bite the bullet and buy at these price level or diversify your cash position away from US dollar to allow you to wait.