Before you open a PDF attachment...

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by GTS, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. GTS


    Before you open a PDF attachment from an anonymous ET poster:
    I see a fair amount of Excel, Word and PDF attachments being posted or linked to here from time to time. I hope no one is reading them from their trading computer...
  2. It seems Acrobat Reader or full application 8.1.2 should handle these vulnerabilities.
  3. Tums


    A "friend" sent me some PDF articles on trading.
    My Avast detected trojans inside!
    Trash bin they go... they won't get a chance to reach my Adobe.
  4. So, what should we do? How do we read the attachments? Many of them are useful information which we need.
  5. bbqbbq


    i think dont click on them, right click on them and save to disk, scan with virusscanner, then read if clean
  6. GTS


    Most virus scanners will scan for malware any time a file is accessed so the extra steps you are doing (manually saving to disk and then scanning) should not be necessary.
  7. Which Acrobat version are you using?
  8. Thanks for the replies, shall follow them. :) Please tell which is a good anti-virus software?