Before Kaboom there is short period of deflation. Where r the charts

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    There was an article on ET way back showing historical bankruptcy of other nations and trends of how it happened.
    I'll see if I can dig it up kinda lazy to do it.

    It shows that just before Hyperinflation which is basically bankruptcy and destitution. There is a brief period of unexplained deflation that lulls everybody into false sense of security like
    "oh thank god it's finally over instead of inflation we have deflation"

    And then kaboom.

    No emoticon available on this site is appropriate.
  2. What alias were you posting as "way back when"?
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    I actually forgot password and exact alias I can't log into my old name. So sorry I couldn't accommodate you. Please don't cry.

    Now that kids have been dealt with, darn internet. Lets see if I can use google advance to find chart that grown people might be interested in.
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    I am continuing my search. This above isn't what I am aiming to find however it is interesting.
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    do a keyword search on ET. you might want to turn them into a book some day.
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    so what do you guys think is deflation temporary before "kaboom" :)
  9. I believe it depends on people. Until they continue to save and buy debts (backed by nothing) -and crisis raised savings almost everywhere, I believe- the system can continue to accumulate energy that will be dissipated in some way at the end.

    Maybe kaboom will never arrive. Just hoping, of course.
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    I sure hope so even though hope is useless most of the time.
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