Before he trades--Carrie Underwood

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  1. Winner or totally bogus??

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  2. ericadam


    ehh.. FAIL
  3. wkoop


    marketing - yes, trade via his "method" - no.
  4. I never checked out the site on the video. Is this a waxie parness production?
  5. awesome surf.. nice find.
  6. thanks. I thought it is really clever!

  7. John Carter's Trade the Markets site. He was talking about this video in last month's SFO magazine. His wife was PISSED when he took the singer out until 4 in the morning and he came home drunk! :eek: :D
  8. funny! thanks for the info--- never heard of him, very creative guy.

  9. if you don't like his trading methods

    "you can carve the indicator into his leather seats"
  10. IluvVol


    Awesome, really loved it, the video I mean ;-)

    #10     Oct 19, 2008