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  1. MSFT closed at .89 to recover .11 before it evaporates too. 92% loss.

    To add insult to injury, I accidentally placed the opening order backwards yesterday as a debit spread before reversing it (that my net credit wasn't filling on the bid probably should have clued me in before I fired it off as a market order). Had I been 2 mins later, I would have picked up 0.10 gain immediately. Had I held it overnight, I'd be eyeing 82% gains (the difference here to above is 2 extra spreads and commissions).

    #11     May 11, 2017
  2. V closed at 0.18 for a 12% gain. I still like this position, but while I pause to reevaluate, the risk of keeping this open stand-alone does not justify the 0.82 net of spread if it hits the fan tomorrow.

    Account is fully liquidated no while I reevaluate how to proceed.
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  3. Lots and lots of opportunities today. All May 19, all credit spreads:

    DAL 49.50 - 50.50 call spread - 0.30 credit
    MU 29 - 30 call spread - 0.26 credit
    NFLX 157.50 - 160 put spread - 1.13 credit
    PM 109 - 111 put spread - 0.36 credit
    V 91.50 - 92.50 put spread - 0.40 credit
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  4. Nothing but good news to report today. And my first day in more than a month without an order (which is a good thing!)

    MU, PM, and V are all continuing their win streak. NFLX was close to flat (slightly down), but still well in winning territory. Settling in on $160 resistance--a condition I hope to will continue until Friday afternoon. DAL moved the wrong way and the position is pretty close to flat.

    Up 4% of at risk today and 10% of account value since opening positions on Friday.

    Watching the nervous looking bulls on the sides of DAL lest they trample me. Watching NFLX for a volume jump with price moving in the wrong direction. Other positions all quiet.
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  5. PM closed for .06
    #15     May 16, 2017
  6. Looking to get back into flavor country with MO 70-71 put spread around .25
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  7. MO was right there but never filled. Opened a credit put spread on MSFT over 68-69 for 0.32. Also, 23% was the win on PM.
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  8. Closed V on the chart pattern for 0.22 (quite miffed at this. I should have gotten at least a partial fill at .21). 27% return
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  9. Filled at 0.24
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  10. Rolled the DAL position down to 48-49 for a 0.32 credit.
    And stopped out of MSFT at 0.45.

    Looking good on MO, looking at MU currently, letting NFLX ride in hopes of a recovery since it's pretty much worthless anyway.
    #20     May 17, 2017