beer drinkers :-/

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  1. what's your fav brand and how long have you been consuming it? My own choice is SMiguel lite. After the 4th or 5th one, they go down so smooth almost like water. If this brand increases in popularity maybe more bars will stock it.
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    Although Sierra Nevada is awfully good!:D
  3. I miss German beer!

    Widmer Hefeveizen is good. When it's really hot out, I like a nice corona with lime. :)

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    Much the same way I blow my girlfriend shit about paying 7 bucks for a six pack of Corona. The stuffs made with beautiful crystal blue Mexican water. Jeez you can't even eat a salad with lettuce irrigated in the country without being hospitalized for disentary. The only pristine streams going into those bottles are those of the brewery workers pissing into the vats of the stupid Gringo's.
  5. Taste Great!
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    Less Filling!
  7. Keystone Light
  8. Try Baltika #9
    (RED - PORTO)

    Some really hardcore stuff!


    Bass Ale.
  9. ha ha. I had a premonition you would reply to this thread. Every time I see your handle I get thirsty. In fact I'm going to pop a top right now. Have a nice day.
  10. wine... wine's gotta be the best buzz ever!!!
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