BEER and Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wojack, May 15, 2007.

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    This is going to sound very very bad. I find it calms my nerves to have a shot or beer before starting the trading day. I'm on the east coast so yes I start at 9:30am. Coffee just made me jittery.

  2. hehehe. Haven't tried that. Are you just messing around?

    I typically grab some oatmeal and splenda but thats just me.

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    It may work for some. Me, I figure I F**k up enough as it is sober.
  4. :D :D
  5. I'm living in Europe. My trading day therefore starts at 2 PM.
    I don't drink alcohol, nor caffeinated products - just ginseng tea.
    Also, I use smoking incenses. Who of us two has the comparative advantage?

    Hope to see you on nasdaq. On the other side of my trade, preferably :)
  6. I was going to catch you on that one...there is no such thing as high quality meth in my opinion. What a hassle too if the cops come...I just huff paint, it works for the kids in the Carolinas and North Florida, why shouldn't I get mine too? :p
  7. Where in Europe are you living just out of curiosity? If you don't mind of course.
  8. Are you answering with your other alias or for him? :D oh, I was hoping somewhere more interesting. I'm thinking about Spain or Portugal next year.

    Go Man U!
  9. So far, in Germany, trading from a wonderful office - though I'm not a native German.

    If things continue to develop the way they have so far, I'll be trading from Ibiza within the next three years.

    Not bad for a 29 y/o :)
  10. I'm looking into moving to Spain or Portugal...I'd go in a second, it's my wife that needs convincing. I'm in my mid-20s...hey, I'll visit you in Ibiza! :D
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