Beeping Trade Alerts?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by phenforum, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. I have missed some great trades due
    to being asleep at the time, so I need
    something that will beep when say,
    my trading signal is seen.

    I use MA crossovers of 5 and 13 to
    trade with, and I know it's not the
    best system but it helps me get in
    on the big moves that make my
    account grow.

    Does anyone know of any software
    I can use for an audible alert?

  2. omniscient

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    dunno who you use for data or trade through, but you can configure audio alerts via quotetracker.


    take care and gtty -

  3. I have a girl that stays up all night and goes, "beep, beep!" when my stops are hit. OK, I've had a few Mike's Hard Lemonades
  4. Ebo


    Mine moos when I am close , and aroogas when I am entering!

    My TradeStation, not my girlfriend.................

    ..................................well maybe both!
  5. LMAO
  6. Haha...

    How do I set up QuoteTracker with
    Forex currency pairs?
  7. If your datafeed supports forex (IB, IQFeed, eSignal, EFX/MB Trading), you would just use whatever symbols the datafeed uses for those pairs.

    QT cannot do alerts on indicators though. It does have a bunch of other alerts
  8. omniscient

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    not sure. i think as far as currencies, they can interact with IB and MBT. j_medved is probably a better person to ask. i'm not sure if in the end it will do what you want for what you want, but it's worth a shot.

    take care and gtty -


    BTW: you might also check out QT's forum (i think there is a link on the main quotetracker website).
  9. Hm... I don't know what symbol to enter
    for USD CHF.
  10. phenforum,

    What datafeed and/or broker are you using? The symbols depend on that.
    #10     Aug 3, 2005