Been using Bloomberg. Need something new. eSignal?

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  1. Fund managers are not producing outsized returns, just look at world markets alot of sideways action, commodities currencies, all are pretty flat except for energy.

    Cost cutting is one way to offset this, so instead of 20 bloomberg terminals lets just have 10. instead of 30 CQG data feeds lets cut back to 10.

    Thats one answer maybe they are trying to lure some dope with a 100k account into spending 10% annually of his account equity on a CQG pkg with all the bell and whistles, that will run you close to what a bloomberg would cost.

    Anyone thinking that spending more money on a charting pkg is going to make you a better trader is in for are rude awaking.

    I know someone will follow up and post here something like you get what you pay for ar CQG has made me more money because its data is cleaner blah blah blah. I use DTN ProphetX and have had very few issues and it cots $100.00.
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  2. I am a 100k dope myself so no offence to anyone.
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  3. prizmak


    Mini what would you recommend for a university student (late years of economics/business major) with about 15k in equity to play with? Try and help me minimize slippage ;o

    (Just some stuff to play around with, apply strategies to with real money to get the feel, 2%/trade stops, etc.)
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  4. There is a real time platform called its cheaper than most if you pay per 12mo.
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  5. A good combination is IB as your broker, and Ensign software or QuoteTracker. Try and keep your software expenses at a maximum of 2% account equity. So you have 15k account equity, your max that may be spent on software is $300.00 annually, or $25.00 per month.

    Some will laugh at these estimates, but think if you spent $100.00 per month on software that would eat up a whopping 8% of your account equity, not to mention what your other costs are commissions etc. Bottom line is keep your cost low as your start this adventure, dont fall victim to the marketing clowns who lurk on this forum.
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