Been using Bloomberg. Need something new. eSignal?

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  1. Log out and back into CQG
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  2. Here we go a CQG price guide, hold on to you wallet, everything is extra, right down to paying for delayed data. Yes you heard correct you pay for delayed data, CQG is the only data provider who charges for data that the exchange provide for FREE!
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  3. Exchange Fees
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  4. All data providers EXCEPT CQG charge $1.00 for realtime NYSE data. Check out what CQG charges for this.
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  5. With every other data provider out their your total for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, would be $3.00 for realtime streaming data.

    Your charge from CQG would be $33.00 for all three exchanges.
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  6. Myminitrading

    you said it you name at least.

    I gather your ability to trade is mini sized because you rely on delayed data. You are a first tier hack trader apparently. Please
    do us all a favor and fun another forum where whining about exchange fees is the norm.

    Remember you asked what the fees were for 5yr data was. $70 is extremely cheep, and with CQG's rep, its the cleanest in the business.

    If you cant afford the exchange fees, that's your biz...........

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  7. Neodude


    Ugh... I was actually considering CQG. Here are some places I found with historicals:


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  8. I see you just registered, like two seconds ago and you first post is here, that interesting, at least have the balls to be yourself and not have to create an alias you pussy.

    CQG is a good data provider, I like DTN ProphetX myself, CQG is a greedy pig, would not surprise me if they charge to change the chart background color soon.
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  9. Know one is whining, their is a huge difference between whining and pointing out how a data provider trys to nickle and dime its customers to death.

    Know other high end provider charges these ridiculous fees, Reuters,Bloomberg, they dont charge for delayed data.

    I think is very suspicious that you just registered today, and you first post is here at least have the balls Mr CQG to stand up and be yourself instead of hiding like little pussy behind an alias.
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  10. I wonder why someone from a data provider of CQG's caliber has all of sudden decided to appear on "Elite" (quite a few threads as of recent)? Whats next, Bloomberg on ET? :cool: Hmm...
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