Been using Bloomberg. Need something new. eSignal?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by amcc, Aug 16, 2006.

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    I've been using bloomberg the last few weeks going an internship, but I can't afford that when I go back to university. I'm addicted to having decades of past info on futures, commodities and stocks though

    Does eSignal have all of that? Is it any good? Can you suggest something like that is good and no ridiculously over priced?
  2. eSignal doesn't have too much historical data. i believe your best option would be TradeStation. they offer the platform for free if you do certain amount of volume (not that much actually), and anyway the monthly price seems quite fair.

    i personally use esignal and happy with it (most of the time), however if you want historical data, as i said, TS is the place to go.
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    Metastock Quotecenter
  4. I think esignal have pretty long intraday historical data, something like 60 days tick, 120 days minute, 10 year daily.
  5. That's not pretty long for intraday testing

    Tradestation has longest intraday data of all cheap data vendors, they plan to add historical fundmental data next quarter, ofcourse behind of thier planned release date
  6. If you're addicted to Bloomberg, fine.
    If however you're ready to get married.......Check us out.


    Our data is cleaner, and more reliable. As for historical........5yrs intrady to the minute, with a complete data factory dating back to the mid 80's.

    Good Luck
  7. From eSignal itself in response to the question about how much data they carry:

    "10 days of Tick, 120 days of Interval and 10 years of Daily History is stored on our Servers"

    In other words, not too much for analytical purposes.
  8. What is the cost for 5 years intraday data with CQG?
  9. $70/mo and a restart of CQG
  10. A restart whats that?
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