Been cheated yesterday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Should not have cut loss yesterday, today dunno wat to do now, wat u guys doing? watching from sideline or long or short?

    C, bac already down, seems like financial may be weak, but commodity still strong
  2. Why not? How on earth would you have known yesterday what today would bring. Cutting losses according to your trading plan is always good, no matter what happens afterwards in hindsight.
  3. JJ2


    It's just a huge game, my man.

    Continue to study it and learn how to profit from it, but the markets are just another game that human beings came up with to satisfy (several) of their many desires.

    It's no coincidence that greed feels a lot like love.

    Good trading,

  4. Now seems lots of confusion in market. Torn between bull and bear.
  5. gobar


    a close below 1490 and sell everything...
  6. I would wait until tomorrow to see if this rally is for real. If we take out todays highs tomorrow go long. I am on the sidelines, maybe I'll take a small long position if we go higher after 3 PM today.
    You can tell even this market doesn't know where it is going (small trading range)
  7. 20+ points on the ES is small trading range?

    And the market knows where its going, its going down right now...
  8. With all due respect, if you can't figure out how to trade this morning's market, you have no business thinking of yourself as a TRADER.

    Try mutual funds.
  9. i know i know, don't trade, go holiday :D


  10. I am not a day trader, hot shot
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