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  1. i don't eat soy

    what is an 'adequate' amount of BCAA's.. how much is necessary?at what threshold are we deficient in BCAA's and what are the consequences of this deficiency?
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  2. fat meat eaters have man B@@BS, any beach is proof of this
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  3. Then your intake of EAAs is lacking. You stated that ANY plant source contains ALL of the EAAs. The fact remains that the BCAA group of EAAs are the most critical. Lentils and a few high protein legumes are the only adequate plant-sources of BCAAs but require high intake.
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  4. <i>"There is no plant source which provides an adequate dietary quantity of BCAA. So your statement that any plant source is adequate for EAAs is retarded."</i>

    There are no plant sources other than legumes which have complete chains of amino acids available for human synthesis. That's the different between grazing critters with multiple chamber stomachs and bacterial digestion process versus omnivores (humans) with acid digestion process.

    The same grasses = greens which convert to massive hooved flesh are mere fiber ("roughage" as granny used to say) for us.

    Forget about deriving all necessary proteins from pure vegan diet alone without concentrated effort of eating a cross variety of peas & beans legumes.

    Egg and dairy products are non-meat choices that can be greatly reduced or stripped of saturated fats. Vegetarians who consume eggs, milk, cheese, yogurts of the skim or low-fat family will be as healthy (if not much more so) than meat eaters.


    I grew up on farm-raised meats... there is a big difference between those products and production-raised meats available today. Most of my meat diet is wild game or fish with store-bought chicken, turkey and liver. We have the benefit of locally raised organic beefs (and bison) available as well.

    On a personal note, the video clips from that processing plant in California were absolutely sickening. As a life-long hunter and hobbyist farmer, it was the most disrespectful treatment of living animals inside the food chain I've seen in a long time. The people running those forklifts, water hoses and cattle prods in abuse need to be charged & prosecuted criminally to the fullest extents possible.
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  5. No. It covers slaughter as well.
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  6. Right, they're relatively high in BCAA, but the diet isn't sustainable. I stated lentils/legumes in my last post. Can you imagine the GI discomfort?
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  7. <i>"Can you imagine the GI discomfort?"</i>

    The level of discomfort there would only be exceeded by others who are caught inside those ensuing vapor clouds.

    Grazing animals emit a constant stream of gas... and that fermentation process works similar in our large intestines on a high-legume diet regimen.

    Imagine a vegan lunch spread of broccoli sprouts, roasted garlic cloves, sauerkraut coleslaw, a ten-bean salad for main entree' and ripe bananas & figs for dessert.

    Global warming would accelerate dramatically :eek:
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  8. You can taste the difference in organic meats. It's critical to go organic on fruits and veggies as well, due to pesticide-load. The relatively safe conventional fruits/veggies:

    1) Pineapples
    2) Plantains
    3) Mangoes
    4) Bananas
    5) Watermelon
    6) Plums
    7) Kiwi Fruit
    8) Blueberries
    9) Papaya
    10) Grapefruit

    1) Avocado
    2) Cauliflower
    3) Brussels Sprouts
    4) Asparagus
    5) Radishes
    6) Broccoli
    7) Onions
    8) Okra
    9) Cabbage
    10) Eggplant

    Livestock are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.
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  9. Its all about balance, yes fat meat eaters need to cut back on red meat and saturated fats. No doubt about that but you need to better understand the vegetarian deficiencies as well. Im sure there is some perfect balance of foods for vegans but to maintain good health Im sure its such a commitment that most people would be better off just cutting back on red meat than to eliminate it altogether. Humans are omnivores, but that doesnt mean we can eat red meat at every meal. Balance baby, balance :)

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  10. you are FOS.. like most
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