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  1. Listen up armoured saint. You WILL not change my opinion. Believe what you want to believe but don't try and force your vegetarian crap down my throat.


    PS, we have one Vegan in our family thats 60 yrs old, she looks 90, needs iron shots and god knows what else. In the meantime we have 80 year olds in our family that look like their 50's and eat meat one time per week and are in perfect health. I know this is not a "scientific" statement but my experience with the vegan lifestyle is not positive, and DON'T even think about trying to change my opinion.
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  2. i agree that no amount of fact, truth, proof will change your opinion because, apparently, you have a learning impediment

    keep in mind that 'vegertarian' is simply a statement of what is NOT eaten, not what IS eaten. You could live on potatoe chips and claim 'vegetarian' status but obviously this is not healthy
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  3. Obviously "Vegetarianism" has another side effect. It turns Vegans into assholes.
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  4. what else can i conclude? you categorically dismiss good evidence and admitted that nothing will change your mind? i proved you wrong about the amino acid issue. what else have you got??

    plant eaters live longer, leaner, less disease especially heart related. it's a FACT
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  5. you actually provided no proof, just your word.

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  6. ElCubano


    You are trying to imply that being FIT ( as in good muscle tone, good skin color "a tan" ) is the same as being healthy... and thats just not the case...there are overweight people that just due to better digestion than say a fit person is that much healthier....It all comes down to digestion and the breaking up and the absorbtion of those nutrients...
    true health starts in how effiecient your disgetive system works....

    I am not saying that being healthy garauntees you living longer....but i can assure you you will live better...peace
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  7. Skippy, you can believe what you want to believe, but don't insult others by saying they have a learning impediment for not buying into your philosophy.
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  8. look it up. i'd take the time if i thought it would help. but it won't. i've been posting message boards too long i know better. very few people understand or appreciate science and the nature of proof
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  9. and your welcome for me setting you strait on the essentiial amino acid issue. i just gave you something very valuable.. your welcome :D

    any other reasons for eating beef because so far you got nothing??
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  10. Soy protein isolate is the only plant source that contains an adequate quantity of BCAAs. Again, more dime-store nutrition info from Longshot.
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