Beef Recall

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  1. short the snot out of live cattle futures...even feeder futures...anyone agree?
  2. Disgusting. Best to limit beef intake or use organic.

    Organic Beef

    According to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) Standards rules passed on October 22, 2002, certified organic beef must come from a fully verifiable production system that collects information on the history of every animal in the program, including its breed history, veterinary care, and feed. Further, to be certified as organic, all cattle should meet the following criteria:

    Born and raised on certified organic pasture
    Never receive antibiotics
    Never receive growth-promoting hormones
    Are fed only certified organic grains and grasses
    Must have unrestricted outdoor access
    Must receive humane treatment
  3. Both the USDA Inspector responsible for that slaughterhouse and the CEO of Westland/Hallmark Meat Packing Company should be fined heavily AND thrown in jail for 5-10 years.

  4. stop eating beef clogs arteries
  5. The Human body needs beef, we are carnivours. Take a good look at your teeth in the mirror.

    Ever notice how "grey" Vegans look in the supermarkets? I can spot one a mile away.

    I'll take a Medium Rare 12 oz New York Strip anyday over a cube of Tofu.
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  7. body needs beef for what?

    your observations on vegetarians are rubbish, vegetarians live longer, are leaner and have less disease
  8. Essential amino acids, your body does need beef (meat) but in moderate amounts.

  9. The USDA is useless. They might have 1 inspector covering an entire plant. When something does go wrong, the inspector typically evaluates the severity before looking the other way. In this case, IF the inspector was aware of this behavior, it would not have been reported. In their own words, it is highly unlikely that this would have caused an illness. It only surfaced because of the Humane Society.

    Then comes the bureacracy. The event occurred last year according to the article. The recall spans from 2006. Is it not suspicous how the recall only occurred after a significant portion, if not all, of the beef was consumed? Seems like the industry and the regulatory bodies are in bed.

    In financial terms, the processors earn incredibly low margins. They make profits on volume. If you believe this is an isolated instance, you are wrong.

    On a side note, a while back I read an article about the industry experimenting with cloning cows. Seems like they are trying to turn the processing of meat from a manual one to an automated one.

    Disclaimer...meat lover...but I'll take mine well done X2
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