Becoming an Energy Trader

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Gabbana25, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Is there anyone out there who is familiar with energy trading for an Oil & Gas company? In a nutshell, I am an unemployed 25 year old who is looking to start a career in the Oil & Gas industry (I have no prior experience), and ultimately I'd like to become an Oil/Nat Gas trader. What would be my best path towards a career as a trader? I have been considering moving down to Houston, TX, as that would be a beneficial step. Thanks again.
  2. There has been a couple threads like yours in the past few months, I would search on them. But I think the nutshell would be, you are 25, unemployed, gave no indication of experience or educational acumen, rotten economy, and a few other barriers. You are facing very exceptionally long odds.
  3. If you don't have a high GPA, 4 yr degree in Finance, Chemical Engineering, or something near that, no one will hire you. They only hire the top dogs in collegiate achievement. You have a better chance of learning the business on your own with lots of patience, discipline, reading trade publications on the oil and gas industry, and going on websites dedicated to commodities trading( energy field) and learning one step at a time the energy market fundamentals and basic trading strategies thru demo platform like Ninjatrader.

    Don't think for a minute you can fast track your way into the business, it takes at least a yr or 2 at least to get a somewhat good understanding of what moves the markets you're interested in and knowing how to strategize trades.

    ...... Good Luck to You
  4. Thanks, I forgot to mention I graduated college 3 years ago with an Economics degree from Colorado State (3.2 GPA) and worked in the Real Estate field. I will heed the advice, I have a penchant for stock trading anyways, I've been following/learning the stock market and I still have a ways to go.