Becoming an Alg-Trader

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by chameleontrader, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I would very much appreciate advice on my career path.

    Currently I'm pursuing a research career in artificial intelligence and at the same time am very interested in trading & financial markets. I will finish my master or PhD in 1.5 or ~5 years. I will be 27 or ~30 years old then.

    My interests are quite diverse and probably rather unconventional. For example at the moment I'm mostly interested in modelling in behavioural finance and reinforcement learning, not so much in standard pricing models and time series.

    Which companies could I apply for interns, given my specific interest? I-Banks/Hedge Fonds?

    Partly I'm playing around with the idea of at some point later in time engaging in venture capital and artificial intelligence. Should I just forget about that or does it relate?

    Thanks for listening and thanks for comments.
  2. Ami-Chai


    i am not sure i can really help with your career decisions but the company i work for is interested in automated trading systems using artificial intelligence in the components.

    if you are planning on creating an algorithmic trading system we would be very interested in seeing what you can do.
    for further information please contact me at;
    looking forward to speaking with you soon,
    happy new year,