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    I have been following the stock market for a couple years now (I am 26 y/o) and I haven't done too well in the past when , but I have learned a lot through my tribulations. In a nutshell, I'm tired of attempting to half-assedly trade and I want to learn how to truly be a good trader. Does getting an MBA truly help one in succeeding as a trader, or is that better for corporate finance and such? Being a retail person, I don't have access to all the real time info as everyone else, or the training. For someone in my shoes, is it best to join a prop firm, put money down, and get trained? Also, in daily trader life, what do traders do besides the obvious of trading to make money? Is it reading news or having a sharp numbers mind, or a lot of other things? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    MBA will not get u to become a successful trader. MBA will land u a sales job. Math, computer science, and a minor degree in financial math will help u become a successful trader. Example:

    Job Responsibilities:

    Assist our trading teams with managing risk parameters and updates to positions.
    Run and Analyze proprietary trading systems and suggest potential improvements.
    Plan for and recognize changing market conditions and react quickly and accordingly.
    Proactive in learning and progressing toward becoming a professional trader.

    Background Required:

    Bachelor's Degree from an accredited 4 year University majoring in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics or related field.
    Strong Technical knowledge. Desk Clerks/Junior Traders are the initial contact point for all hardware and software difficulties. Experience with one or more programming languages (C#, C++, Java, Python) is required.
    Proficiency with Excel.
    The ability to communicate effectively and clearly is a must.
    Experience in the trading industry a major plus.

    "Proactive in learning and progressing toward becoming a professional trader."