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    im 22 year old and im just about to graduate form NUIGalway(ireland) having BA in civil engineering but i want to become a trader.
    i am highly interseted in probability and quant analysis as i play alot of poker and these skill are really my bread and butter.

    could any body suggest the best way to begin? such as interships and trainee programs offered by different firms not just in ireland but perhaphs london to. im willing to travel to persue this as my career.

  2. lynx


    What's wrong with civil engineering? It sounds like a lot of fun.
  3. darby88


    im looking to persue a career in somthing im passionate/very interested in.

    the only reason it took civil engineering as a major is that i knew it was maths based.

    since i started playing strategy games and using math ideas within these games i was aware of the similarities within trading.

    so in short a career in trading is what im passionate about.
    i love goin to work each day!
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    More power to you then. If I had any useful advice, I would give it to you...
  5. I would suggest you first build a resume of engineering work experience and obtain what ever professional certifications are available in Ireland. Odds are you will need to go back to engineering, at least to rebuild your trading stake. This I suggest from personal experience.
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    its not that im looking to become a sole day trader but to go into a firm.
    is that possible?
  7. Another potentially, socially-redeeming, career ruined by the allure of trading. :( :mad: :eek:
  8. Quote from lynx:
    ....civil engineering....

    Do one thing wrong: Hundreds of people die and injured.

    Do everything right: Gold watch and pat on back in 30 years.

  9. This is based on the assumption that the company that you joined won't go bankrupt after 30 years, which I doubt especially in the civil/construction industry in Ireland or US :D
  10. darby88


    so does anybody have any insights into firms which i can apply to for an interships? :)
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