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  1. Hello im planning on going to DePaul in Chicago and really love trading and the allure of the stock market. Ive been learning/practicing for 6 years now. Im at a community college right now. I have been trading real capital for 2 years with decent results 110% for 2 years. My virtual account for 6 years now is up 813% while the S&P is down almost 10%. I have read and studied trading alot but i know the more i learn the less i really know. I want to work as a hedge fund trader ,eventually, so proprietary trading is a good place to start. Can anyone advice me exaclty how i get the job? Ill be majoring n finance. Im not good with algorithms or computer programming im just good at trading.
  2. There are several career websites you can check out for trading related positions, such as:

    If you're already a skilled trader, however, then you might try simply trading for a prop firm, but most will require a capital contribution. Then you can at least leverage your skills/capital.

    Best of luck.
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    Honestly, I think that statistics is one of the most useful and marketable undergrad coursework offerings re: trading. Certainly one of the most applicable. Junior and Senior-level courses on Logic and Game Theory would also be worthwhile.

    I have a couple hedge fund analysts as clients and it seems that good statistical modeling skillsets and a solid working knowledge of all the more popular canned software programs is the ticket. I'm referring to the progression of Grad>Analyst>Trader, because nobody's going to hire you straight away as a trader.