becoming a forex trader?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jebac, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. jebac


    Hi everybody! This is my first post on ET.

    I am 22 year old living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I will be graduating this year with a political science degree, although I have 3 years of business and economics experience (switched majors).

    My goal is to become a forex trader at an international bank like DB or CS. unfortunately, im at a complete loss as to how to go about it. from what i understand, when it comes to trading its more a function of who you know rather than what you know.

    I have some forex knowledge although I haven't done any live trading yet. I plan on completing my CSC before applying for any position...

    I guess my question is, how does one go about becoming a forex trader? i really have no idea who to turn to so im hoping someone on this board will be able to shed some light.

    any suggestions/ideas?

  2. vectors101

    vectors101 Guest

    don't bother with the CSC course.

    you can just daytrade your account.

    just apply for the administrative positions in these 'banks'

    they have computers trading for them. they hire more computer analyst and business managers
  3. jebac


    the whole purpose of becoming a forex trader in one of these banks was to gain experience which i could later on use to help me with my own trading...

  4. vectors101

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    in the old days retailers weren't allowed to trade only banks are institutinos could trade forex....

    if you can trade, you can make a lot more money for youself than making money for the man. and if you can't make money for the man, the man would just fire you.
  5. vectors101

    vectors101 Guest

    old days means 15 years ago

    the industry has changed.
  6. lorflem


    Vectors 101 is spot on with his/her pithy comment. Once you can trade there's no point working for the man and the best experience you can get in the quickest time is trading your own live account:D