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  1. can anyone give me info on the CTA designation and how it is obtained ??

    thank you

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    Good luck Jay!
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    Thanks Mark :)

    Quick Question,

    I know individuals and CTA's can trade IRA's but can commodity pools take IRA funds? I'm pretty sure they can just not how its done, I should probably call MTrust.


  5. Good luck bro...

    Oh... a little tip if you studied from the old Green Book... what was it... umm...Protrack? well anyways...

    That popular bookstore large but thin Green Series 3 book doesn't get into Online Broker rules. I had 4-5 questions about it on the test. Should check into them.

    I would also check out rules about system trading disclaimers. You know "Past performance does not guarantee future results". They had some questions on that too. Not in the Green book.

    One thing that helped me was I actually read the whole contract when I opened up an futures account. Long while before I took the test so that helped me with brokerage rules.
  6. thanks !!

  7. Lots of Math problem.

    Oh... they actually had mistakes in the test!!!

    I remember it was about hedging math question... with something like: You do business with some German company and want hedge the currency risk. You have to pay $2,000,000 worth of German Mark that you will have to make in 3 months... umm... Current Cash rate is 10000. Futures is 10100. Now three month later the cash is 9500 and futures is 851...

    ??? 851??? what?

    There are some like that... I had 2 obvious mistakes in the question...

    They ask for your feedback at the end of the test so make sure you note it, if you see it.

    Might have been a problem with Sylvan Testing Center... At least I passed.
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    The 3 is easy you won't have a problem ...........I took it a while ago, i'm not sure if they have included the ssf's in it yet, but they are going to, dont forget you photo id:)
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    They don't have them in yet. Toni took it just a few weeks ago. There is an add on thing you can take for them though.

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