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    My name is Ely, and I'm from Israel. Most chances I will move to Chicago to study Finance this Summer. What I'm really interested in is becoming a BROKER.
    What exam I need to pass (there are so many) in order to become a Broker?
    What is the procedure I sould pass to WORK as a broker?

    THNX for your attention.
  2. series 7 and 63 license
  3. Or if you wish to sell futures the Series 3
  4. or a 6 if you want to do mutuals and variables:D :D

    for all i know this guy wants to be a yacht broker!

    i started out as broker on wall st at a big boiler was classic....1000 a month draw, 300 calls a day pitching a fetal monitor that works through the telephone ( telmed)...shit never worked and the price never changed...great parties though...those boiler room firms knew how to party!!
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    If I want to work?
    I need to start sending my resume to all broker firms I know in Chicago?
    Or is there something else I missing?

    THNXS for replying
  6. Thats a need to be sponsored by a FINRA member to take the test
  7. 6??? No way..he said he wanted to be a broker, not a financial consultant. :D

    Did we work at the same place? I got 200 bucks a week....had to make 500 calls before I went home and was pitching a kidney dialysis machine stock..

    The pay sucked...but my cokehead, alcoholic, steak eating junkie of a boss gave great parties.

    UGH...the bad ol days

  8. South Richmond Securities, 40 rector st......i wore a suit i couldn;t afford every day so i can sit in a chair and dial the phone was just like the movie...Boiler Room was so dead on it was scary...
  9. You were legit down on the st. I was calling from a bucket shop in Hauppauge.

  10. Almost...The branch on the St had 40 reps...the one in LI had a couple hundred
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