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    The award winning NinjaTrader platform is always FREE TO USE for advanced charting, market analytics, automated strategy development and trade simulation.

    FREE Training Events for Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    Order Flow + - Identify Buying & Selling Pressure with NinjaTrader 8 Tool Set

    Today at 10:30 AM ET

    The following topics will be covered during this webinar
    • Plot the underlying order flow to uncover the battle between buyers and sellers.
    • Gain clear insight of market depth & order flow with a historic and real-time visualization of the limit order book.
    • Analyze the tape and visualize significant trade events on a chart.
    • Plot the volume-weighted average price of a market to identify potential buy/sell signals & support/resistance levels.
    • Track buyers and sellers tick by tick & gain a comprehensive view of the trading action as it unfolds.
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    Charting 201 - Advanced Settings

    Today at 12:00 PM ET

    The following topics will be covered during this webinar
    • Add Advanced Drawing Tools
    • Connect charts with drawing tools and global cross hair
    • Connect charts with the Market Analyzer and other windows
    • Customize the instrument list for easier access to the markets
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    ATM 301 - Semi-Automated Strategies

    Today at 4:00 PM ET

    The following topics will be covered during this webinar
    • Understand auto break even settings
    • Learn auto trails settings
    • How to use a breakout fade entry with an ATM Strategy
    • Go long and short at the same time
    Attend the webinar now!

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  2. elguapo


    Do you offer a couple days demo on the order flow suite as opposed to just buying a lifetime license. ( i just want to see how profiles build up in market replay/if they differ from market delta ).
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    As a paid suite of premium features, Order Flow + is only available for NinjaTrader Lifetime license holders. Our interactive weekly webinar does preview Order Flow + in live market conditions and provides a great opportunity for you to see the tools in action. We hope to see you there!