Beck: Good for Jews that Jesus didnt come for payback

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  1. Glenn Beck suggested that the Jews killed Jesus on his Fox News show Tuesday.

    Beck's claim occurred in the midst of a long monologue about religion. In it, Beck attacked, among other things, social justice, liberation theology, Jeremiah Wright and Rev. Jim Wallis. He singled out liberation theology as a "perversion" that is connected to Marxism and presents the poor as victims of injustice.

    Beck went on to say:
    "This is kind of complex, because Jesus did identify with the victims. But Jesus was not a victim. He was a conqueror...Jesus conquered death. He wasn't victimized. He chose to give his life....If he was a victim, and this theology was true, then Jesus would've come back from the dead and made the Jews pay for what they did. That's an abomination."

    As Time's Elizabeth Dias pointed out, it was the Romans, not the Jews, that killed Jesus.
  2. Hello Hermit,

    I personally don't know Mr Beck, nor watch his show... But from what he said the most important part is : "He chose to give his life...". This is even the most strongest call never done ! Today would sound like: I am all'in dudes, I have no fear, what ever happen I am in His Hand ^^ :). Back to you :

    1. How could someone who chose to give his life be killed ?
    2. In case of murder you can't say that's a religion... because you will take into account people that weren't into action. But you can say that's an organization... ( because the religion is the ideal, the church the manifestation... )

    And I will conclude by saying that the Empire ( or more precisely the juridiction under Pilate rulez ) allowed his crucifixion but it was under the influence of the Jewish priestly hierarchy of the time ( none of his core followers where member of the priestly hierachy... so maybe the fear for the priests to have waste their life in something worth nothing... ).
  3. hitler believed the jews killed jesus too and we all know how that worked out.
  4. jem


    PC thought destroys peoples ability to think.

    Now you can disregard the bible... but if we are going to be talking about the bible narrative lets not lie about the account.

    The proper analysis states that
    Jesus' sacrifice had to happen and there is no reason to blame anyone for it now.
  5. i guess that makes judas a hero. why do christians despise judas?
  6. jem


    do you think it might be because judas sold him out for money?

    you are not getting it.
    We know who the proximate cause or causes of the killing were...

    for instance does anyone think pilate was able to wash his hands of responsibility?

    do you think the people who turned Jesus over get to blame pilate or rome?

    thats all P.C. nonsense. Those individuals were responsible at least in part.

    There is no reason to be PC or lie.

    The proper response would be there is no reason to blame any groups in modern times.

  7. Was there a trial for Jesus? What was the trial for and what were the charges? Who brought the charges against Jesus?
  8. How about the facts, rather than the analysis/bible narratives/interpretations?
  9. I thought Jesus was a Jew, as were his (earthly) parents.

    I also thought he was short, had brown eyes and olive skin.

    And that he regularly drank wine as part of his diet, probably starting as a kid with watered-down wine.

    But then again, if somebody wants to think that he was a 6 foot 2 blue-eyed blond gentile Anglo-Saxon who considered alcohol (in any amount) as an abomination, I see no harm in it.

    My only caveat is that it should be compulsory for this people to trade crude oil - I have bills to pay.

    We've been here before:

    <i>“That would have been appreciated by ‘Ma’ Ferguson, the Texas Governor,” writes the Rev. J. Carter Swaim, pastor emeritus of the Church of the Covenant near the United Nations in New York, “who, when Spanish was proposed as a second language for school in the Lone Star State, replied: ‘Not while I am Governor! If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it is good enough for Texas children.’” </i>

    30 May 1982, New York Times, “On Language” by William Safire
  10. A Hypothetical question, would god punish Judas for following god's wishes?

    Another Hypothetical question, why did god allow Jesus to suffer in such a way for something he/ she/it wanted to have happened?
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