Because I'm an American first

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  1. I want to wish President Elect Obama the best, assuming he wins which is a given.
    I do this because, unlike radical leftists, I want the best for my country. If the best comes with the leadership of Obama, so be it. I will wait and see what his policies really are and what he really try's to implement before being too critical. That said, he'll get no free pass just because he's black, or more importantly, just because Bush has left him a bag of shit. It's his shit now and he claims to have the fix. So fix it!
    As to John McCain...he could have, and should have run a better campaign. That said, I doubt anyone could have overcome the Bush yoke. Mac survived the Hanoi Hilton, I'm sure he'll survive this. On that subject, he's made a career out of being a POW survivor. That alone does not qualify one for office, but it is deserving of more respect than he has received by the radical left. I will continue to hold them with utter contempt to my dieing breath.
  2. The deceptive globalist game.......they ran dole (no chance in heck to win) to get you clinton, and now they ran mccain (no chance in heck to win) to get you obama......their plan has worked again!

    Back and forth, back and forth....the two party left/right paradigm has you party line voters entrapped in a CON!

    Get ready for the next phase of america's separation from the constitutional foundations which once made us great! :eek:
  3. So I guess you think Bush upheld the Constitution
  4. achilles28


    Fix what?

    You need to define the problem first.

    Obama has conveniently glossed over what exactly needs fixing.

    He just promises a change that will "fix" things.

    How will Obama "Fix" the economy?

    The IRS?

    The Open Borders?

    The Drug War?

    The Patriot Act 1 & 2?

    The Domestic Spy Program??

    Eminent Domain?

    The North American Union?

    Obama ain't gonna fix shit, friend.

    He's just gonna heap more on the pile.


    Have fun bowing and scraping to your new King.
  5. NO, NO, NO....I am a Ron Paul supporter.....that was the ONLY right choice to fight back at the globalist game.

    Back and forth, back and forth....the two party left/right paradigm has you party line voters entrapped in a CON!

  6. wow, you do have some integrity ? I'm pleasantly surprised
  7. I'll not bow to him, or anyone else. I will however, give him an opportunity to show what he's got. The campaign is over. I'm weary of all the bickering. I want the best for my country and personally I don't give a shit which party delivers, so long as they deliver something better than what we've seen.
  8. achilles28


    Of course not.

    Obama will pick up where Bush left off.

    Thats the Game.

  9. achilles28


    Thats a nice sentiment but nowhere close to reality.

    Reality is the "Real Issues" that fucked our Country will never see the light of day.

    Obama won't touch them because its political suicide.

    Look what happened to Paul and Gravel. End the IRS. End the FED. End the Wars. Repeal the Police State. Secure the Border.

    And they were ASSINATED by the Press and their competition.

    Where was Barry when all that was going on?!?!?

    Laughing AT THEM, on the sidelines.

    He's a coward with no intention whatsoever of bucking the System.
  10. I must admit that's downright reasonable of you.
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