became an investor

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by dividend, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Anyone else turned to just investing this year? I had closed down my trading account and just put money in my retirement investment account which is only long S&P500. In hindsight that was at the market bottom. I'll be back to trading later but seems right now that the money is made just being long S&P500. lol. Even better if you work at a company that matches your 401k contribution, it's like a 2x SPY.
  2. I became an index investor 2 years ago,
    at least I recognized my mistake a year ago and reduced big time, then I became a trader-investor in Oct 08.
    Never again. I am still long mostly from higher levels but I am diversified.
  3. I think index investing was the optimal strategy from march 2009. The old timers were right about buying in when everyone is running around like headless chickens.
  4. Dow now over 10,000 up +2000 almost in a straight line since April. only 1 reply and they moved the thread to chitchat so I was confident I'd be right.
  5. DJI closed 2009 @ around 10,400. Congrats to all the investors!