BEAV down huge...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gobar, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. gobar


    y BEAV is going down huge..

    it was 43 stock 15 days ago and now its 26.

    i dont have position but i am thinking of buying some...

    any suggestion ?
  2. hmm...doesn't look like a bad play at all. Looks like speculation is killing the stock. The fundmentals aer there though.
  3. I love going down on beaver.
  4. lolz :p
  5. its been selling off on very heavy volume,why would you want to step in front of it? the fundamentals are not good,it sells to the airline industry who are losing money hand over fist.also,boeing has been delaying orders as well. stay away and move to a sector thats working like coal.
    BEAV has downside to at least 20.
  6. yeah...move to a sector already in a bubble...great idea. And watch it pop and drop out from under you like a bridge collapsing. BEAV appears to have had solid growth for the last 4 quarters (even while the recession was beginning to come full swing). It has very little debt. It's not a play that will work over night. But I see no problem with a longer term play (a year or more).
  7. "speculation ain't the only one killing the stock ..."

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